LIH Knowledge and technology transfer map

These pages have been updated as per 13.11.2023. Please send your updates and comments to A more comprehensive update to this matrix is planned in 2024.


Expertise in providing static and/or interactive visualising solutions for location information, such as cartographic expertise, expertise in making dashboards containing LI etc., and extended reality (AR/MR/VR) visualisation solutions utilising location data such as 3D buildings and point clouds.

On this page you can find what kind of services LIH partners are providing for Visualisation.

PartnerDescription of Services
Aalto University – Geoinformatics
Aalto yliopisto – Geoinformatiikka
Aalto University – Research Institute of Measuring and Modelling for the Built Environment
Aalto yliopisto – Rakennetun ympäristön mittauksen ja mallinnuksen instituutti MeMo
Advian OyFor us, visualisation is the way to make important information visible.
Oy Arbonaut LtdVisualising harvesting planning maps
CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.
Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy
Esri Finland OyRead more >>>
Finnish Environmental Institute
SYKE – Suomen ympäristökeskus
FGI – Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
Maanmittauslaitos, Paikkatietokeskus
Service design, user interfaces and their usability studies, spatial cognition research in modelling the usage environments
FMI – Finnish Meterological Institute
Ilmatieteen laitos
Visualization of weather and AQ forecasts, however often FMI’s products are visualized by 3rd parties such as
Foundation for Finnish Inventions
Patent landscaping offers different visualization techniques.
GeoForum Finland ryNetworking, training and communication services.
Geological Survey of Finland
GTK – Geologian tutkimuskeskus
Gispo OyGispo provides high quality data analysis and visualization services with open source tools, so anybody can use and tweak the end results. 
Intellisys OyDelivering patent landscape graphs and presentations within the Location Innovation context
Mtech Digital Solutions OyN/A
National Land Survey of Finland
GeoE3 platform
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Luke – Luonnonvarakeskus
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
OAMK – Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu
Definition and creation (knowledge transfer) of Digital Twins for customers i.e. utilising UAS, especially targeted for SMEs.
Regional Council of Southwest Finland
Varsinais-Suomen liitto
Septentrio OyN/A
Sitowise OyjHigh quality data analysis and visualization services and products.
Spatineo OySpatineo Monitor, Spatineo Value Tree, Custom web-applications, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Strory Maps, QGIS, PowerBI, QuickSight  
Ubigu OyWe provide cartographic design and UX/UI services.
University of Helsinki
Helsingin yliopisto
University of Turku
Turun yliopisto
Data visualization training and research services.