LIH Knowledge and technology transfer map

These pages have been updated as per 13.11.2023. Please send your updates and comments to A more comprehensive update to this matrix is planned in 2024.

Geological Survey of Finland

GTK’s customers need information about surficial geology and bedrock properties and raw material resources as well as environmental factors. Application areas are for example ground water resources, carbon sinks, exploration, construction and geoenergy solutions.

GTK offers geoscience data (geology, geophysics, geochemistry) and online services for utilizing data as well as expert services. The themes of spatial data cover bedrock, superficial geology, mineral deposits, geoenergy potential, geochemical baselines, ground water etc.

Geoscience information helps decision making for example  in investments and  land use planning.

Partner is offering services to following LIH Industry segments

Industry segmentDescription
BioeconomyGeoscience information, for example surficial geology, mire and peat
Build EnvironmentGeoscience information,  for example hydrogeology, geoenergy potential, surficial geology, bedrock, acid sulfate soils and geochemical baselines
Transportation and LogisticsN/A
Health and WellbeingN/A

Partner is offering services to following LIH Strategic areas

Strategic areaDescription of services
AI – Artificial IntelligenceProspectivity mapping
HPC – High Performance ComputingN/A
Business DevelopmentN/A
Location Information TechnologyN/A
Location InformationGTK offers geological, geophysical and geochemical data and online services from