LIH Knowledge and technology transfer map

These pages have been updated as per 13.11.2023. Please send your updates and comments to A more comprehensive update to this matrix is planned in 2024.

Advian Oy

Advian provides AI strategies, implementation plans and tailor-made AI data-processing solutions in the geospatial realm. If you’re surrounded by data, growth opportunities, and new projects, but it’s challenging to decide where to concentrate your efforts or what would bring the most benefit to your business. Contact Advian.

With Advian you gain an unfair competitive advantage or significant cost savings by utilizing location information. Advian is technology agnostic, so you get cost-effective technology-independent recommendations that best fit to your the situation.

Partner is offering services to following LIH Industry segments

Industry segmentDescription
BioeconomyFor example Food Quality Assurance using hyperspectral imaging.
Build EnvironmentFor example Infrastructure maintenance optimization using satellite data, accurate location measurement of underground infrastructure (Groundhawk), preventive maintenance optimization etc.
Transportation and LogisticsFor example accurate and reliable positioning without GNSS when satellite positioning is not available (like underground, tunnels, build environment) or not trusted (like jamming or spoofing).
Health and WellbeingN/A

Partner is offering services to following LIH Strategic areas

Strategic areaDescription of services
AI – Artificial IntelligenceEmerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and the utilisation of geospatial information, are Advian’s core competences.
HPC – High Performance ComputingWe are specialised in Edge AI, so the development of high-performance machine learning models for Edge computing units is our  everyday work.
CybersecurityAlternative positioning methods during spoofing or jamming secure accurate and reliable positioning in critical situations.
VisualisationFor us, visualisation is the way to make important information visible.
TrainingAdvian solutions are integrated to processes so that there’s no need for general training, but instead we ensure the successful use of solutions through customer-specific support.
Business DevelopmentAdvian is your shortcut to success. We help you find the way to get the most fruitful and sustainable results from your data investments.
Location Information TechnologyWe are a technology-agnostic partner. You’ll receive cost efficient and technology-independent recommendations that are well-suited to your situation. 
PositioningWe are experts in traditional GNSS positioning, and in alternative positioning methods as well. Especially when satellite positioning is not in use nor trusted.
Location InformationIt doesn’t matter if the location data is big or small, or internal or external. We are able to formulate the data in correct forms and integrate it to processes.
OtherAdvian is focused to the energing technologies (such as location intelligence, Edge AI, advanced analytics) and is known as an partner who solves the problems that others have not been able to solve.