LIH Knowledge and technology transfer map

These pages have been updated as per 13.11.2023. Please send your updates and comments to A more comprehensive update to this matrix is planned in 2024.

Spatineo Oy

Spatineo helps organisations to secure, analyse and visualize their data assets. We monitor, analyse and visualize location information to gain insights into location information system usage, user profiles and quality. Our customers will know what services are valuable to customers, threats and suspicious usage of the services, and a clear vision of protecting the valuable information.

Partner is offering services to following LIH Industry segments

Industry segmentDescription
BioeconomySpatineo has lots of experience developing natural resource systems (forest, geologic, artic) with customers in both public and private sectors and internationally. We have top notch knowledge of location information, API,s and cloud technologies.
Build EnvironmentWe have designed multiple national build environment data models and know processes and tools from national systems to municipalities and organizations. We have helped organizations to clarify and automate their data pipelines and data-gathering processes. We are familiar with the standard GIS-based planning tools.
Transportation and LogisticsWe are familiar with transport infrastructure data and have analyzed it and the impact of publishing open transport infrastructure data. Wa have also designed metadata catalogs for transportation infrastructure and maintained the geoinformation system for publishing that information.
Health and WellbeingN/A

Partner is offering services to following LIH Strategic areas

Strategic areaDescription of services
AI – Artificial IntelligenceWe have extensive experience in machine learning, deep learning, and linear regression. Spatineo Environment AI provides a service for harvesting and classifying environmental APIs. 
HPC – High Performance ComputingN/A
CybersecurityThreat modelling and location intelligence to protect national security.
VisualisationSpatineo Monitor, Spatineo Value Tree, Custom web-applications, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Strory Maps, QGIS, PowerBI, QuickSight  
TrainingSpatineo has training modules for Location Information in AWS, ArcGIS,and Geoserver.
Business DevelopmentConsultation for threat modeling, location information strategy, location information service impact assessments, and maturity assessment in the utilization of spatial data.
Location Information TechnologyGeoINT, GeoAI, AWS, IaC, ETL
StandardisationSpatineo is a member of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), chair of the OGC and ISO/TC211 Observations and Measurements working grou, and a leading expert in location information standards.
Location InformationSpatineo provides infromation from geospatial data, automation to data acquisition, geospatial API’s and help to calrification of data processes and data models.Spatineo specializes in extracting insights from geospatial data, automating data acquisition, providing robust geospatial APIs, and clarifying data processes and models.