LIH Knowledge and technology transfer map

These pages have been updated as per 13.11.2023. Please send your updates and comments to A more comprehensive update to this matrix is planned in 2024.


Expertise in the domain of positioning, indoors or outdoors.

On this page you can find what kind of Positioning services LIH partners are providing.

PartnerDescription of Services
Aalto University – Geoinformatics
Aalto yliopisto – Geoinformatiikka
We do not provide Positioning services or produces, but we provide training about them.
Aalto University – Research Institute of Measuring and Modelling for the Built Environment
Aalto yliopisto – Rakennetun ympäristön mittauksen ja mallinnuksen instituutti MeMo
Advian OyWe are experts in traditional GNSS positioning, and in alternative positioning methods as well. Especially when satellite positioning is not in use nor trusted.
Oy Arbonaut LtdN/A
CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.
Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy
Esri Finland OyThe whole ArcGIS platform including hundreds of products.
Finnish Environmental Institute
SYKE – Suomen ympäristökeskus
FGI – Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
Maanmittauslaitos, Paikkatietokeskus
Multisource positioning methods, GNSS technology.
FMI – Finnish Meterological Institute
Ilmatieteen laitos
A more comprehensive list of services and products provided by FMI can be seen from
Foundation for Finnish Inventions
GeoForum Finland ryNetworking, training and communication services.
Geological Survey of Finland
GTK – Geologian tutkimuskeskus
Gispo OyN/A
Intellisys OyN/A
Mtech Digital Solutions OyN/A
National Land Survey of Finland
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Luke – Luonnonvarakeskus
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
OAMK – Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu
Regional Council of Southwest Finland
Varsinais-Suomen liitto
Septentrio OyCustomer support and webinars.
Sitowise OyjN/A
Spatineo OyN/A
Ubigu OyN/A
University of Helsinki
Helsingin yliopisto
University of Turku
Turun yliopisto
High-precision field equipment for LI data collection in research collaboration (especially hydrology, geomorphology).