LIH Knowledge and technology transfer map

These pages have been updated as per 13.11.2023. Please send your updates and comments to A more comprehensive update to this matrix is planned in 2024.

Built Environment

The built environment with all its physical structures, utilities, and people comprises a multi-faceted entity that has a great and ever-evolving need for the effective use of location data. Such data is essential if one is to strive for a smart city. Built environments, such as cities, face great challenges in fitting together the interests of different stakeholder groups while reducing the environmental impacts of city functions. For example, the growth of cities produces construction waste, which could provide opportunities for circular economy efforts. The effective use of LI is needed in zoning activities, traffic system planning, allocating services to people, plan for natural phenomena such as floods and storms, etc. With the use of digital twins, the properties of the built environments can be used for trying out different planning scenarios and run simulations. 

On this page you can find services that LIH partners are providing for Build Environment industries and public organizations.

PartnerDescription of Services
Aalto University – Geoinformatics
Aalto yliopisto – Geoinformatiikka
Our educational services and materials focus in general to building skills on using geospatial technologies and methodologies, which can be used in all sectors that work with spatial data, including Built Environment segment.
Aalto University – Research Institute of Measuring and Modelling for the Built Environment
Aalto yliopisto – Rakennetun ympäristön mittauksen ja mallinnuksen instituutti MeMo
Advian OyFor example  Infrastructure maintenance optimization using satellite data, accurate location measurement of underground infrastructure (Groundhawk), preventive maintenance optimization etc.
Oy Arbonaut LtdN/A
CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.
Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy
CSC provides a range of services to meed the needs of all sectors, particularly tailored expert services and support for high-performance computing.
Esri Finland OyEsri’s ArcGIS platform capabilities offer benefits and solutions to every business sector/segment. Customer segments include customers from all LIH Key Target Segments. Esri Finland has local solutions developed especially for built environment (e.g. dmCity). Read more >>)
Finnish Environmental Institute
SYKE – Suomen ympäristökeskus
Syke will provide data to all parties interested in build environment. 
FGI – Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
Maanmittauslaitos, Paikkatietokeskus
3D models to integrate real world objects and VR
FMI – Finnish Meterological Institute
Ilmatieteen laitos
Provision of modelled impacts of built environment on micro-meteorology and air quality (e.g., urban vegetation and street canyons).
Foundation for Finnish Inventions
It is possible to make a build environment focused pantent landscape.
GeoForum Finland ryNetworking, training and communication services.
Geological Survey of Finland
GTK – Geologian tutkimuskeskus
Geoscience information,  for example hydrogeology, geoenergy potential, surficial geology, bedrock, acid sulfate soils and geochemical baselines
Gispo OyGispo has created open source tools for e.g. calculating the best investment hot spots in a city, creating land use plans, maintaining and monitoring the infrastructure assets, landmasses or wastes and we have created geodesic calculation tools for cities use. These tools can be further developed or we can create something entirely new. The tools are built mainly with QGIS and PostGIS. 
Intellisys OyThe services are generic without any industry-related limitations. 
KIRAHubNetworking, training and communication services
Mtech Digital Solutions OyN/A
National Land Survey of Finland
Building and other constructed objects as vector data.
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Luke – Luonnonvarakeskus
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
OAMK – Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu
We provide industry, especially SMEs, an access to drone technology expertise and facilities (i.e. physical rural area test environment) for validation of proof of concepts. Additionally we offer services for prototype development and testing, demonstrations, information and networking. For the Built environment our expertise include digital twins as well as sensors such as high resolution thermal cameras to flying platforms e.g for checking structures, LiDAR and RGB for for photogrammetry and 3D-modelling of target object etc.
Regional Council of Southwest Finland
Varsinais-Suomen liitto
Lounaistieto provides open data in regional level, including recreational data and service information data, and in national level, including harmonised regional land use plans. We also maintain a regional map service and enhance networking.
Septentrio OyN/A
Sitowise OyjSoftware solutions and products, Data products.
Spatineo OyWe have designed multiple national build environment data models and know processes and tools from national systems to municipalities and organizations. We have helped organizations to clarify and automate their data pipelines and data-gathering processes. We are familiar with the standard GIS-based planning tools.
Ubigu OyInformation systems for planning, project and data management related to the built environment. Process and software architecture consultation related to the field. A variety of consultation and planning services related to the built environment.
University of Helsinki
Helsingin yliopisto
University of Turku
Turun yliopisto
We offer participatory GIS and urban planning related training and research services for urban and spatial planning and community participation